More Than a Mom Blog

Welcome to the site of a real mom sharing real life shit.  “Here we go again” you think to yourself -with a sigh and an eye roll- another Mom blog.  Trust me I feel you and want to assure you that is not my intentions whatsoever.  If you’re looking for relatable stories about parenting, fitness, travel and more you are in the right place!  Expect to read the raw truth about everyday things not the glammed up versions you see all over the internet with warm and fuzzy moms who use flowers and the color pink.  I will be talking about all the gory details, the lessons learned and navigating life without sensors.

My name is Jess, I am a newly minted 28-year-old stay-at-home mom with a Master’s degree and way too much pent-up energy!  I am in the US Air Force as a traditional guardsman, I am a trained yet unemployed archaeologist,  I run marathons and half marathons for fun, I love photography and I just moved to the Southwest with my family and plan on doing ALOT of traveling.  If any of that sounds interesting to you stay tuned for the fun has just begun!

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