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If you love fashion, especially on your kids, you need to check out Iza Marie Bella, an affordable online fashion boutique for children!  I am already hoping my next child will be a little girl but after seeing the items Iza has in her inventory, I now have all my fingers crossed!  She doesn’t just sell adorable bows and outfits for girls however, boys have just as many options to choose from and they are just as cute! If you are already as excited as I am about supporting this woman owned small business jump right on over and check out her inventory here,  or get the inside scoop on this shop and its quality items below (then go ahead and shop away!).



If you walk into a Target or a Kohl’s a lot of what you see is all the same stuff.  While much of it is adorable, as most items of clothing are when they are small enough to put on a tiny human, their clothing is also the same pieces you see everywhere.  Iza has done a fantastic job at finding not only adorable but also unique clothing at an affordable price, making your little one the most fashionable baby at daycare!

Iza is a female small-business owner who runs her online boutique out of her home near Phoenix, Arizona.  She began her journey as a business owner creating adorable custom bows for her friend’s children and eventually the demand grew enough to build it into a business.  Her impeccable style and passion for quality fashion at an affordable price are what allowed her to grow that business into the online boutique she has today.  Her love of fashion is why she runs this business in her spare time after her demanding full time job.  While her finance job is her professional career, she fills her free time with this fun and fulfilling endeavor to fuel her artistic side!  She hopes to one day expand to a worldwide audience as she continues to grow her vendor base, adding more and more adorable children’s clothing to her inventory!

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Not only are the clothes adorable, the quality is amazing with soft materials where they should be soft, clever sayings and some humor and flare thrown in!  My son has recently decided he is too good for clothing and diaper changes which means I am generally following him across the playroom floor trying to get his clothing on as if trying out for a circus act.  Many of the outfits are nice and stretchy which makes these on-the-go dressings just a little bit easier!  I mean, if you have ever changed a small wriggling child you can appreciate how nice clothing with a little elastic to it is.  The clothing is also to size which is incredibly important, and just in case you are unsure what size would be perfect for your little, Iza has included sizing charts to refer to.  

You really can’t beat the array of options and the great prices all in one place! Need to find an outfit for your little girl’s first special event?  No need to go anywhere else.  You can find the outfit the shoes and the bow all here at Iza Marie Bella!  Does that little boy in your life need some more t-shirts and shorts because he won’t stay out of the mud?  Again, so many options and I promise you will not be disappointed in their quality or condition.

Her adorable brand reps, 5 month old twins, Jayne and Zoie, can be seen wearing all the different styles Iza Marie Bella carries on Instagram @jayneandzoie.  Keep an eye out for a reveal of a new outfit every Monday on Instagram by the twins!


Navigating her website is very easy, and intuitive with no frills or confusing links. If you input your email when you enter the site you will be greeted with a coupon code for 10% off all first time subscribers no matter the purchase price!  For babies, the website is broken down first by gender and then by age (size), which makes it so easy to find exactly what you are looking for without having to dig around.  The toddler sections are also broken down by Boy or Girl and you will also find Footwear and Accessory sections.  And last but not least there is even a section for Mom too, where long maxi sundresses and the comfiest looking floral pants can be found!  I am anxiously awaiting mine to come in the mail so keep an eye out on Instagram for my review!

Within the navigation, you will also find her Iza Bella Headbands, the original products she started out making.  The handmade headbands are the sweetest little things, ranging in colors and designs from polka dots and plaids to glitz and glitter.  They are packaged in beautifully designed boxes and are the perfect gift for an expecting mom or a lucky little girl with great style!  Not only are they the most dainty little bows you have ever seen but you can receive them in only 3 days, for free!

Speaking of free 3 day shipping, her customer service is exceptional, setting her apart from other online boutiques, with a quick response time and FREE SHIPPING on all orders placed within the U.S.!!! Certain items even have free three day shipping!  Almost as good as Amazon Prime but single handedly provided by a one woman team!  How can you not get behind this store and the woman who put it all together?!?  So if you are now even more intrigued than you were before reading this ‘Spotlight Article’ head on over to Iza Marie Bella to get your shop on!  Make sure your coupon code MOMLIFE15 is applied to your cart to get 15% off your purchase of $50 or more!


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This ‘Spotlight Article’ was sponsored by Iza Marie Bella however, all suggestions and opinions are my own. I do not represent or endorse any business I do not feel deserves praise or would not be of interest to my readers.  Supporting small businesses is my passion and helping them grow is my goal!




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  1. So adorable! My daughter’s 1st birthday is this Spring, so I’ve been thinking of what to dress her in. This sounds like a perfect place to look! Thanks for sharing!


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