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Welcome to the site of real moms sharing real life stuff

This collaboration of Moms is here to bring different topics and relatable perspectives to the story of mommyhood for you.    “Here we go again” you think to yourself -with a sigh and an eye roll- another Mom blog.  Trust me, I feel you and want to assure you that is not my intentions whatsoever.  If you’re looking for relatable stories about parenting, fitness, travel and more you are in the right place!  Expect to read the raw truth about everyday things not the glammed up versions you see all over the internet with warm and fuzzy moms who use flowers and the color pink.  We will be talking about all the gory details, the lessons learned and navigating life without sensors.

Small Business Promotion

Bringing Real Moms Great Products and Small Businesses to Real Moms- this is the intention of Mom Life Exposed as a whole.  Supporting Moms, Small Businesses and Moms who own Small Businesses is what it is all about!  The ‘Spotlight Articles’ introduce Moms to our small businesses on a personal level, giving them an idea of the journey the business has been through and introduces them to the products they sell.  We can help bring growth and development for businesses while helping moms at the same time, that sounds like a win-win to me!

Mommy Blog about Baby and PregnancyJessica Dowd | Founder and Blogger

My name is Jess, I am a newly minted 28-year-old stay-at-home mom with a Master’s degree and way too much pent-up energy!  I am in the US Air Force part-time, I am a trained yet unemployed archaeologist,  I run marathons and half marathons for fun, I love photography and I just moved to the Southwest with my family and plan on doing ALOT of traveling.  My first son was born in May 2017 and since then I have learned so much about being a mother that I never even knew existed! I want to show other moms that they are not alone in this crazy world of motherhood and share some of the things I have learned.  My dream is to also work with small businesses (many of them owned by Moms) to help them grow their business by bringing their amazing products to the Moms who need them!

Mommy Blog About Family and BabyAshtin Loy | Blogger

My name is Ashtin, I’m a mama from Upstate New York. I’m a certified dental assistant by day and a mommy by night to my amazing little boy named Major. I married my college sweetheart Brian in September 2014. I’m a busy working mom trying to balance being a wife, mommy and friend. I like to write about my personal experiences, monthly updates on Major and products that have come in handy along the way. My goal is to share my stories and experiences to hopefully help other mommies who might be going through similar struggles. Motherhood has come with its share of challenges and I think it’s important for other mom to know they aren’t alone. Sometimes Its not all sunshine and rainbows, but if there is one thing I’ve learned it’s that it’s all worth it. Being a mommy has changed my life for the better. Watching Major learn and grow is the best thing and he never ceases to amaze me.